Photos by my   family   friend, Haley Wright (Haley Dawn Photography) at our place in "The Woods"

Photos by my family friend, Haley Wright (Haley Dawn Photography) at our place in "The Woods"

1. How would you describe your family

We are a very traditional family -two parents, working full time, fully dedicated to providing our two beautiful children a safe and stable home life in which they know they are loved, living in the suburbs of the south side of Atlanta, shuttling our sons from school, soccer and baseball practice/games, grandparents' homes, birthday parties and friends' houses for play dates.  

2. What role (if any) does faith play in your family's identity?

While we are not members or even regular attendees at any specific church, faith plays an important role within our family. One of us was raised in a very traditional, Southern Baptist familywhile the other was raised in an environment centered around the idea that religion is personal and individual-that God is everywhere and that you can have a relationship with him outside of organized religious structures. We have found a balance and our children are being raised to pray and appreciate and respect a higher power.

3. What brings your family the greatest joy right now?

Our biggest joy is spending time as a family-watching our children grow and develop into unique individuals.