It was two years ago to date that General Mills released the Cheerios commercial that sparked a national conversation about many of the commonly held assumptions about race and the make up of the "typical American family".  It was this very conversation that catapulted TYPICAL AMERICAN FAMILIES creator Carlton Mackey to create a platform to:

"celebrate the beautiful spectrum of the American family as well as remove both the 'exoticism' and stereotypes that are associated with being a (quote/unquote) 'non-traditional' American family."

As parents of a bi-racial son, he and his wife were asked by AJC writer Ernie Suggs to offer their response to the commercial and what seemed to be a backlash as a result of it. Convinced that the negative response wasn't simply a lack of awareness of the presence of interracial couples in society but much more acutely connected to the lack of representation of the spectrum of manifestations of family in the media.  Broadening this conversation to include various mis/underrepresented families was important to Mackey.  Seeking to not define family but to discover the myriad ways in which people work to create family was one of the core objectives.

2013 AJC feature story

2013 AJC feature story

Two years later, we are proud that Typical American Families continues to carry out these objectives and works collaboratively with people all across the country to "CELEBRATE THE BEAUTIFUL SPECTRUM OF THE AMERICAN FAMILY AND EXPLORE NEW POSSIBILITIES OF WHAT 'FAMILY' MIGHT BE."